Pacecourt: Elevating Badminton Court Construction with Premium Flooring Solutions

Pacecourt stands as a distinguished provider in the realm of badminton court builders, offering specialized badminton court flooring materials that combine quality, durability, and performance. Their expertise in badminton court construction is reflected in their choice of materials, ensuring that every court meets the highest standards of playability and safety.

Badminton Court Flooring by Pacecourt

Pacecourt’s badminton court flooring is designed to provide the optimal surface for badminton play, offering the following benefits:

  • Durability and Resilience: Their flooring materials are engineered to withstand the intense movements and impacts typical in badminton, ensuring a long-lasting playing surface.
  • Optimal Playing Conditions: The flooring offers the right balance of grip and smoothness, essential for the fast-paced nature of badminton.
  • Player Safety: With features like shock absorption, the flooring minimizes the risk of injuries, making the court safe for players at all levels.

Detailed Material Costs for Badminton Court Construction

For those considering building a badminton court, understanding the cost of materials is crucial. Pacecourt offers a range of materials at the following prices:

MaterialCost per Kilogram
Pacecourt Concrete PrimerRs. 150
Pacecourt  Acrylic ResurfacerRs. 128
Pacecourt  Cushion CoatRs. 128
Pacecourt  Acrylic ColorRs. 168
Pacecourt Line MarkingRs. 199
Pacecourt  Silica SandRs. 12

Factors Influencing the Total Badminton Court Cost

The overall cost of constructing a badminton court with Pacecourt materials will depend on various factors:

  • Quantity of Materials: The size of the court determines the amount of each material needed.
  • Labor and Installation: While Pacecourt supplies the materials, the cost of installation will vary depending on the chosen contractor or dealer.
  • Additional Features: Customization options such as specific colors or designs may affect the final cost.


Pacecourt’s commitment to providing high-quality badminton court flooring makes them a go-to choice for badminton court builders. Their extensive experience in badminton court construction, coupled with a comprehensive range of materials, ensures that clients can build a court that not only meets professional playing standards but also fits within their budget. Whether for a private residence, a sports club, or a community center, Pacecourt’s materials and expertise lay the foundation for a premium badminton court.

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