how to get cooking gauntlets osrs

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you can obtain cooking gauntlets as part of the “Family Crest” quest. Follow these steps to get cooking gauntlets:

  1. Start the “Family Crest” Quest:
    • To begin this quest, you must have at least 40 Mining and 40 Smithing levels.
    • Speak to Dimintheis in Varrock Castle, located on the ground floor in the southeastern part of the castle.
  2. Speak to Avan:
    • Dimintheis will ask you to find his three sons, who have gone missing.
    • One of his sons, Avan, can be found in the Al Kharid mine. He’s located on the northern end of the mine.
  3. Retrieve Avan’s Special Request:
    • Avan will ask you to retrieve his special family crest gauntlets from his brother Caleb.
    • Caleb can be found in the western part of the Al Kharid mine.
  4. Speak to Johnathon and Halfan:
    • Avan will also request that you speak to his other brothers, Johnathon and Halfan, to collect their portions of the crest.
    • Johnathon is located in the Champions’ Guild in Varrock.
    • Halfan can be found in the Ranging Guild, which is located just west of the Fight Arena.
  5. Return to Dimintheis:
    • After obtaining the three parts of the family crest, return to Dimintheis in Varrock Castle.
  6. Choose the Cooking Gauntlets:
    • Dimintheis will offer you a choice of rewards, and you should select the “Cooking Gauntlets” as your reward.
  7. Enjoy Your Cooking Gauntlets:
    • Once you’ve chosen the Cooking Gauntlets as your reward, they will be added to your inventory, and you can equip them.

Cooking gauntlets in OSRS provide a special effect where they reduce the chance of burning food when cooking, making them a valuable item for leveling up your cooking skill.

That’s how you can obtain cooking gauntlets in Old School RuneScape through the “Family Crest” quest.

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