how to disassemble glock magazine

Disassembling a Glock magazine is a straightforward process and can be done for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Here are the steps to disassemble a Glock magazine:

Tools Needed:

  • Glock magazine (to be disassembled)
  • A clean work surface
  • A flathead screwdriver or Glock tool (optional but can be helpful)

Steps to Disassemble a Glock Magazine:

  1. Clear the Magazine:
    • Before disassembling the magazine, ensure that it is empty and there are no rounds of ammunition inside. Visually and physically inspect the magazine to confirm it is clear.
  2. Safety First:
    • Always follow firearm safety rules when handling magazines or firearms. Keep the magazine pointed in a safe direction, and ensure the firearm associated with the magazine is unloaded.
  3. Hold the Magazine:
    • Hold the Glock magazine securely in your non-dominant hand, with the baseplate facing away from your body.
  4. Identify the Baseplate:
    • The baseplate is the bottom portion of the magazine. It usually has a small hole on the bottom.
  5. Release the Baseplate Retainer:
    • Using your thumb or a flathead screwdriver (or Glock tool, if available), depress the small retainer tab located on the bottom of the magazine. This tab can be found within the hole in the baseplate.
  6. Slide the Baseplate Forward:
    • While holding down the retainer tab, gently slide the baseplate forward. It should move smoothly along the magazine body.
  7. Remove the Baseplate:
    • Once the baseplate is slid forward sufficiently, it should disengage from the magazine body. Carefully remove the baseplate from the magazine.
  8. Carefully Remove the Follower and Spring:
    • With the baseplate removed, you will now see the follower (the part that pushes the rounds up) and the magazine spring. Carefully remove the follower and spring from the magazine body.
  9. Inspect and Clean:
    • Inspect all the components for any dirt, debris, or excessive wear. Clean the follower, spring, and inside of the magazine body as needed using an appropriate cleaning solvent and cleaning tools.

Reassembling the Glock Magazine:

  1. Reassemble the Follower and Spring:
    • Place the magazine spring back into the magazine body, ensuring it’s seated properly.
    • Carefully slide the follower onto the spring until it rests inside the magazine body.
  2. Reattach the Baseplate:
    • Hold the magazine with the baseplate facing up. Align the baseplate with the magazine body and gently slide it back into place.
  3. Secure the Baseplate:
    • Press down on the baseplate until you hear or feel a click, indicating that the retainer tab has engaged and secured the baseplate in position.
  4. Test the Magazine:
    • To ensure proper reassembly, test the magazine by cycling the follower and rounds to make sure they move freely and without obstruction.

Your Glock magazine should now be fully reassembled and ready for use. Ensure that you always follow Glock’s guidelines and recommendations for maintaining and cleaning your magazines. If you encounter any difficulties during disassembly or reassembly, refer to the Glock user manual or seek guidance from a qualified firearms instructor or armorer. Additionally, always practice safe firearm handling and ensure your firearm is unloaded when working on the magazine.

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