how to do rescue mission hypixel skyblock

In Hypixel Skyblock, a rescue mission is an event that can randomly occur in the Dwarven Mines, and it involves rescuing stranded NPCs called “Lost Adventurers.” Completing rescue missions can earn you rewards and reputation points with the Dwarven faction. Here’s how to do a rescue mission in Hypixel Skyblock:

1. Visit the Dwarven Mines:

  • First, you’ll need to go to the Dwarven Mines. You can access them through the portal located in the Hub Island, or by using a Fast Travel scroll if you have one.

2. Look for a Rescue Mission:

  • While in the Dwarven Mines, keep an eye on your chat for messages indicating that a rescue mission has started. These messages will inform you of the coordinates of the stranded Lost Adventurer.

3. Locate the Lost Adventurer:

  • Use the provided coordinates to find the Lost Adventurer. They can be located in various parts of the Dwarven Mines, often in hard-to-reach or hidden areas.

4. Rescue the Lost Adventurer:

  • Once you’ve found the Lost Adventurer, right-click on them to rescue them. This will complete the rescue mission.

5. Claim Your Reward:

  • After rescuing the Lost Adventurer, they will offer you a reward. The reward may include items, coins, and Dwarven reputation points.

6. Complete Additional Rescue Missions:

  • Keep an eye out for more rescue missions that may occur while you’re in the Dwarven Mines. You can complete multiple rescue missions to earn more rewards and reputation points.

7. Increase Your Reputation:

  • As you complete rescue missions and other activities in the Dwarven Mines, you’ll earn reputation points with the Dwarven faction. Higher reputation levels unlock additional rewards and access to certain areas.

8. Use Your Rewards:

  • Make use of the rewards you earn from rescue missions and reputation points to improve your character, gear, or gameplay in Hypixel Skyblock.

Rescue missions in Hypixel Skyblock are a fun way to earn rewards and increase your reputation with the Dwarven faction. They also provide a break from the usual mining and combat activities in the Dwarven Mines. Keep exploring the mines, participating in events, and helping Lost Adventurers to make the most of your adventures in Skyblock.

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