how to do philly special madden 23

The “Philly Special” is a famous trick play that was executed by the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. In Madden NFL games, including Madden 23, you can recreate this play to add some excitement to your gameplay. Here’s how to execute the “Philly Special” in Madden 23:

1. Select a Suitable Team and Playbook:

  • To perform the “Philly Special,” you’ll need a team that has this play in its playbook. The Philadelphia Eagles playbook typically includes this trick play.

2. Choose a Play Formation:

  • Go to the play calling screen and select a formation that includes the “Philly Special” play. In most cases, it’s found in the Shotgun formation.

3. Execute the Play:

  • Once you’ve selected the play, start the snap by pressing the corresponding button (usually the A or X button on Xbox or PlayStation controllers).
  • As the play unfolds, you’ll notice a direct snap to the quarterback (usually the RB button on Xbox or R1 button on PlayStation controllers).
  • The quarterback will receive the snap, and you can then control him.
  • At this point, you have options:
    • You can pass the ball to a receiver downfield by aiming and pressing the receiver button (e.g., A, B, X, or Y).
    • You can also run the ball with the quarterback by using the left stick to control his movement.
    • If you choose to pass, make sure to throw it to a receiver who is open and in a position to catch the ball successfully.

4. Timing Is Key:

  • The “Philly Special” relies on precise timing and execution. Practice the play in practice mode or exhibition games to get the timing down pat.

5. Beware of the Defense:

  • Keep an eye on the defensive players and their positioning. If the defense reads the play well, it may result in an interception or a sack, so be cautious.

6. Enjoy the Play:

  • Successfully executing the “Philly Special” in Madden 23 can lead to exciting and unexpected plays. Enjoy the creativity and unpredictability it adds to your gameplay.

Remember that not all teams and playbooks in Madden 23 will have the “Philly Special” play. If you’re a fan of this trick play, you may want to consider selecting the Philadelphia Eagles as your team to have easy access to it. Additionally, practicing the play in different situations will help you become more proficient at executing it effectively during games.

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