how to depressurize a grease gun for storage

Depressurizing a grease gun is an essential step for safe storage and maintenance. Here’s how you can depressurize a grease gun:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Grease gun
  • Grease gun coupler (optional)


  1. Relieve Pressure from the Grease Gun:
    • Make sure the grease gun is not loaded with a grease cartridge.
    • Point the grease gun in a safe direction, away from people and objects.
    • Slowly and carefully squeeze the trigger on the grease gun. This will force any remaining grease and pressure out of the gun. If you have a coupler attached to the gun, make sure to remove it before depressing the trigger.
  2. Continue to Depressurize:
    • Keep squeezing the trigger until you no longer hear or feel any air escaping from the gun. This indicates that the grease gun is depressurized.
  3. Check the Pressure Release:
    • After releasing the trigger, double-check that there is no remaining pressure by attempting to squeeze the trigger again. If you cannot squeeze it, then the gun is depressurized.
  4. Remove the Grease Cartridge (if applicable):
    • If you had a grease cartridge installed in the gun, remove it by unscrewing the cartridge holder or following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Clean the Grease Gun:
    • Wipe down the exterior of the grease gun to remove any grease or residue. This will help keep the gun clean and in good condition during storage.
  6. Store in a Safe Place:
    • Store the depressurized and clean grease gun in a cool, dry place. Make sure it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture.

By depressurizing your grease gun before storage, you reduce the risk of accidents and keep the tool in good working condition. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions for your specific grease gun model, as procedures may vary slightly from one model to another.

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