Compelling reasons to hire a Rockford car accident lawyer

If you were injured in a traffic accident in Rockford, you should check whether the other driver was responsible for the mishap. Illinois is a fault state, and if the other party is at fault, they are liable for your losses. Before anything else, call the police from the accident scene and contact 911 to get medical care (if necessary). Take time to process the aftermath, but take pictures and videos with your phone. Document all details and collect contact information for all parties, including witnesses. Once you get medical care, contact a Rockford car accident lawyer. Here are compelling reasons to seek legal help.

Lawyers can establish fault

There are several means and ways that injury lawyers use to prove fault for auto accidents, including –

  • Talking to witnesses for testimonies
  • Hiring accident reconstruction experts
  • Getting medical experts for your injuries
  • Analyzing police reports
  • Gathering information from other sources

Remember, you are responsible for sharing information and evidence to prove the other driver’s fault, and you need evidence for that.

Getting through negotiation

Insurance companies are infamous for their tactics for denying claims. In fact, insurance adjusters often behave harshly with victims and undermine claims on petty grounds. If you have an accident lawyer, you don’t have to be at the forefront of negotiation. Unless you have hired legal help, do not give a recorded statement to the claims adjuster and don’t accept their offer.

Filing a lawsuit

What if the insurance coverage of the other driver is inadequate to cover your losses? You still have the option to file a civil lawsuit, and according to Illinois’s statute of limitations, you have two years to file a car accident case. Your lawyer can take care of the legal process and present evidence before the jury. While most injury lawsuits are settled, you may have to go to trial, for which an attorney is critical.

Can you afford a car accident lawyer?

The short answer is yes! Most law firms in Rockford work on a contingency arrangement for car accident and injury lawsuits. You don’t need to pay the usual hourly rate or a consultation fee. If you are like anyone else with a limited understanding of state laws and the overall process of recovering a settlement, you should consider meeting an auto accident attorney before you decide on the next step.

Your lawyer will determine the damages you can recover and will not settle for a lower amount, regardless of the pressure from the

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